Rest in Loungetasticness

Nucky Chompson


The canine species has miraculously evolved, or de-evolved depending how you look at it, to be a human’s most loyal companion. Human to human companionship can be strong as the day is long, but when it comes to the kind of blind devotion that our dogs provide us, it is unequivocally the epitome of “love.”


Nuckles Chompson was the most genuinely unique animals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Nucky Chomp Chomp had a way about him that was akin to my own nature. You could place this dog however you needed him in the moment, and he would morph his majestic torso to accommodate. A lazy sort, filling his days with naps and pining for companionship to re-enter his domain. Overall, Chisselbottom was a momma’s boy, but he had a special place in his heart for me. The countless hours gaming with him nestled under my arm, the mornings he would let me know he was awake once he noticed I was awake (he would wait patiently for me to get my z’s), his bark’s unique way of transforming into a metal scream. Chayum had no lack of personality, calling out for attention and accepting an abundance of pets were his forte. A lover of most humans yet Chum Chum did not like fun. Oh no, he didn’t earn the nickname “gestapo” for nothing. Any time another animal was near and playing with a toy, Chim would abruptly shut that down with a series of screams and outright theft of toy. Not to take the fun for himself, just to calm the room down. A true student of the Milford Academy. Chilean Sea Bass was a foster dog at first, but almost immediately was part of our team. One doesn’t simply meet Nuck B, and not want to keep him. Once Blue Cheese Chumbles was in the house he wasn’t going anywhere. Chimbo Slice was diagnosed with adrenal cancer in August of 2017 and we were told to cherish every moment, and that Chim Chim Charoo wouldn’t make it beyond 6 months. Chimmelbad would have scoffed if he knew how… He decided to stay with us for an extra year and then some. It wasn’t until the very end that he showed signs of “it’s time.” We let the Chimpotnuse decide. He wasn’t no Chimpansy. The little jahosephet stuck it out with tail wagging / one tooth smiling till the very end. A lover of treats and food in general we sent the Chunk Monk on to forever dreams with a belly full of his favorite treats and fries… The Chumbucket leaves holes in his wake, but the wake is so fond to ponder. Never forgotten, impossible to forget. Hug your forever friends and appreciate the time you get to spend with them. Love you always, Benedict Chumbersnatch.


I want to additionally say thank you to Valley Road Animal Clinic. They have been helping Nucks along his final journey from the git. Almost weekly draining and more-often text conversations of options/tactics to deal with the cancer. There is nothing I could say that would do them justice. The entire team there is in it for the love of your animals. They went above and beyond anything they were required to and loved Baby Buschemi like he was their own. Through the final moments they were all part of our family as well. We will forever be in your debt, appreciation for everything you did and do.


 - Sean Kunkle

(Father of the late Nucky Chompson)