Welcome to the preface of this adventure. You will read a tale of deciet, fame, fortune, hatred, and presidency. You pick your own path to create your own tale; but watch out, one bad decision could have the world hating you or could bring your demise. Choose wisely.

Our story starts out in early October 2016, where you have already surprised the nation and become an electoral candidate for the presidency of the USA. You are still pretty far behind in the race, but you have some tricks up your sleeve. In talks with your friend Vladimir Putin, he has agreed to secure your win, in exchange for free trade and large sums of money. He promises to pull this off secretly, but by any means necessary. He is awaiting a response.

Putin hacks the voting system, and runs a smear campaign on your opponent. Most people would feel bad about winning this way, but not you. In your mind, you won fair and square, and you will take that to the grave. Your victory celebration is amazing. Parties and golf, and not a care in the world. Once all the revelry dies down, you must come up with your first action as president. You can focus on illegal Mexican immigrants, or you can work towards unity of all people.

You choose to let nature take it's course. The election runs as everyone figures it would, with your landslide loss.

You announce that you plan to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. In addition, you intend to have Mexico pay for it. It is well received by your followers.

You decide it best to work towards ending hatred among people, which will possibly make you the greatest president ever, if you can pull it off. You head to Twitter to start on your "World-wide love campaign."

However, your opponents blast you for your plan. They feel that your decision shows a lack of compassion and a mark of significant immaturity. As the days roll forward, it becomes increasingly clear that you don't have the support you thought you would. Do you push forward with the plan, or play it safe and back down?