“This is the final lap.” A voice echoes out of the speakers.

“I just have to pass that kid up ahead, number 27. He is good, but I got this.” You think to yourself as you open the bike up on the straight away, building speed before the upcoming jump.

You can hear the crowd screaming as you clear mud off your goggles in mid-air and brace for impact. The height and distance you get is incredible, which gets you closer to number 27. You need to slow down to take the turn. The first-place rider takes the outside in a wide turn and you capitalize on the inside, gaining the lead.

“Keep it together.” You tell yourself as you pull back the throttle and take off toward the final jump over the finish.


“First Place! Heck yea!” You yell flying through the air off the final jump. You land perfectly and cruise over to your trailer.

“That was great! See what can happen when you concentrate and do what you practice?” Coach Dale smacks you on the helmet.

“What a race!” You think to yourself packing up your gear and cleaning off your bike as the sun sets.

"Where do you want to go to celebrate?” Asks coach Dale.

Opening the box is surprisingly easy and once you look inside, you can barely believe your eyes!

“Now we are talking!” You say aloud as you scoop up a shotgun.

A voice comes blasting from all around you, “UNLIMITED AMMO.”

Woah.” You gasp while pumping the shotgun. Chk chk. “Let’s do this.” You kick open the door and step into the hall, startling the dog-like creature. It screams as it starts to run toward you. You get it in your sights and squeeze the trigger.


The blast echoes throughout the building and you can hear a commotion of creatures now headed your way.

“Bring it on!” you shout as two more come barreling towards you. You start running towards them.

Chk Chk... BOOM!

Chk Chk… BOOM!

You come to the end of the hallway and face a closed door.

Chk Chk… BOOM!

You blast your way into the room. and position yourself in the corner with your crosshair on the doorway waiting for the creatures to come in.

“Come and get me!” You shout. Chk Chk.

You can hear them coming, it sounds like thousands of them. Scanning the room, you see a fire hose behind glass on the wall. You break the glass and tie the hose around your waist. You blast two more creatures as you jump out the window and rappel down to the ground. There is nothing for miles in every direction.

The light in the distance is not that far away.

“Maybe someone saw him run passed, I’ll go ask them,” you thought. As you get closer you can see it is a campfire at a campsite. You come out from behind the trees and see a roaring fire. There are sleeping bags all around but no people?

You call out, “Hello? Is anyone here?” No one answers.

There is a narrow path leading away from the fire. You follow the path to its end, where it comes to a pier over-looking a lake. The moonlight is reflecting from the still water.

“Looks like it is made from crystal.” You say aloud, only to be interrupted by a woman’s scream.


“That wasn’t far away, it sounded like it came from that cabin over there.”

It lunges toward you to take a bite, but you dodge it and grab a metal pipe from the pile. The creature just misses you as you dodge to the right. You swing the pipe downward aiming directly for its head. The creature spins and grabs the pipe before you can hit it. It stares at you with its mouth open and drooling. It bends the pipe and throws it aside.

“I guess I should close my eyes.” You think to yourself.

You walk slowly up to the woman.

Step, step, step.

“Excuse me.” You whisper

Step, step, step.

“This is really weird, it’s like she doesn’t hear me at all. What is a woman doing out here this late at night?” You wonder.

Step, step, step.

You are within reach now and slowly place your hand on her arm. “Sticky?” you barely have time to realize what’s happening before she turns and grabs you on both of your arms. She whips you around, sticking you on her back like a back pack. Her whole body is like a super glue stick. You can feel the wind passing over you as she flies faster and faster through the forest. She comes to large drain and pushes the cover out of the way, throwing you down into a small stoned well.

“Help! Hello? Anybody?” You yell out.

“No one can hear you.” A voice says from the shadows. “This is your home now.”

“No way. I am going home.” You say to yourself as you head back to find coach. He is already out front of the arcade looking for you.

“Hey coach, come on let’s get out of here.” You say. You head home to your house and put the plushy on a shelf in your bedroom before getting a full night’s rest.

“Start pulling the quarters out of the ash tray!” Coach yelled, pointing at the car.

The arcade was not far from the track, so you’re there in no time. Which is a good thing, because the anticipation was killing you. The sign, “Greta’s Game Planet,” is flashing, calling you in. You walk inside and instantly lose coach among the black light lit pathways between arcade machines. Beeping and buttons clicking hypnotize you as your eyes scan the building looking for an open machine. The building is decorated like another planet with moon rocks on the ground and spaceships hanging from wire overhead.

“How can there be no machines open?” you think to yourself.

“wait a second.” You start to walk faster toward what looks like an open machine.

“Out of order”

“1,000 Aliens: how long can you survive?” Is the name of the game. You’ve never played, let alone seen this game before in your life. It looks like it would be right up your alley. The insert coin light is blinking even though the “out of order” sign is taped on the side.

You pull a sticky quarter out of your pocket and slip it into the machine. The screen flashes, “one credit! Press start to begin.”

“Seems to be working fine” you think to yourself as you press start and prepare yourself for battle. The screen starts to blink different colors. Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange… The blinking is getting faster and faster, but there is something you can barely make out on the screen. Even though the colors are blinking so fast it is impossible to focus your eyes on it, there is an outline of a figure. A person or person-like shape and it is running towards the screen.

Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red… It is getting closer, and the blinking colors are getting really fast now. The figure runs right into the screen as it turns bright white startling and knocking you off your feet. You chuckle to yourself and stand up brushing your hands off on your pants. Before you look up, you notice the whole arcade has gone quiet. As you look up you see that the arcade has disappeared entirely. It now looks like you are in an abandoned warehouse.

“Hello? Where is everybody?” you yell out.

*CRASH* The sound of something breaking in the distance startles you and you can hear footsteps, running footsteps, coming towards you. You scan the room, looking for something to protect yourself with or a place to hide.

“Perfect!” You whisper aloud as you quickly dive behind a large wooden box. The footsteps are getting closer, closer, closer, until they are in the room with you. They stop. You can hear a heavy breathing just on the other side of the wooden box

The fall seems to have broken the shotgun.

“I’m out of here” You think to yourself and you take off running into the distance. You can hear the galloping footsteps of the creatures getting closer and closer and closer and… THE END.

Running as fast as you can, and screaming as loud as you can, seems to be the best option at this moment. You run, not caring what direction you are going, and scream sounds you didn’t realize you could make.


You stop for a second to catch your breath. Peering over your shoulder to make sure she is nowhere around.

“Phew” You say aloud. Starting to walk now to keep moving further away from that shriek sound. It is really starting to get dark. You can see that the clouds are about to move in front of the moon. That is no good because the moon is the only light helping you see at night. “Oh crap” you stutter as the world around you goes completely dark. You walk around for a few steps but keep running into sharp branches of bushes and trees.

“I’ll just wait out the clouds for a moment and see if my eyes adjust.” You think to yourself. Then a sound breaks your concentration.


“Oh no.” You whisper, in the darkness. “I can’t see a thing”

Even though you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you blindly begin to run again. This time you can hear sticks breaking behind you. This at least gives you a direction to run… away. You keep bumping into trees, getting hit in the face with whipping branches, tripping over roots and stumbling through bushes. Nothing is going to stop you

“I hope the clouds open up and give me some sight soon” FWAP! you’re hit in the face with a stick. When you open your eyes, you can see a little bit, the sky is clearing up! You adjust your eyes still running full sprint. It looks like the forest just stops.

As the clouds clear, you can now see what you were looking at.

“Oh no, that’s a cliff!”

You kick some toys out of the way and start towards the kitchen to see if they are in there.


You head down the hall and up the stairs to see if they are in their bedroom.


“CRACK!” Thunder shakes the house.

“Woah, where did this storm come from?” You think to yourself. The rain starts to hit the roof slowly at first, but before you can get down the stairs it is coming down so hard the sound makes it hard to think.

“Mom, Dad?” You yell out, but no one responds.

“Fapoom, Fapoom, Fapoom”

The shutters are slamming against the house all around you. You are starting to feel a little scared, considering you are all alone. You go over to the window and peer out at the storm. The rain is hitting the window so much that you can’t see outside. Then a bolt of lightning lights up the sky and you see it. A tornadr! Bigger than you could ever imagine. It is tearing up houses in the distance. You only see a glimpse of it before it’s gone to the darkness of the storm again. Your eyes are wide as you wait for another lightning bolt. It strikes. You see it has gotten a lot closer. You know it is headed to your house and will be here in no time. The sound of the rain is now starting to fade behind the sound of the wind.

“I am not wasting the few quarters I have on a broken game, that’s for sure!” you think to yourself. You walk over to the prize counter and look at what you could win with tickets. 1000 tickets and you could win a Five Nights at Freddy’s plushy. The spring trap one, that’s the one you don’t have yet. You turn around and see if any games are open. Surprisingly, there is a game on the other side of the room that has no one even near it. It’s like they don’t even see it. You quickly run over to the machine. It is a “perfect press” type game. One button to press to stop a moving light. If it stops on the dot, you win 1000 tickets. Anywhere else and you win nothing. Seems risky, but that is the exact amount you need to get the plushy. You look around, like you are about to do something you shouldn’t, and then put the quarters in. The machine lights up and the main light begins to run around a big circle, passing the dot in front of you very quickly.

“Woah, this is going to be tough.” You think as you position your hand over the button to stop the light.

“Here… We… Go… PRESS!”

The machine goes crazy as you see tickets starting to be dispensed. “I did it! First Try!” You yell out jumping up and down.

You collect all your tickets and wander over to the counter again.

This time you notice that there is also a bucket of gummy worms for 500 tickets, and you realize with 1,000 tickets, you could get two of them.

You slowly push your head out just far enough beyond the box that you can see what is standing on the other side. A very skinny, tall creature stands in front of you. It has long fingers with claws and a large head that does not have any features like a nose or even eyes. It only has a large mouth. A very large mouth. A mouth that is wide open. Just then it turns quickly and faces you. You can see now that it does have an eye and the eye is in the back of its mouth!

“Holy Crap!” you scream as you scramble to your feet and start to run the opposite direction. You look over your shoulder and see that it hasn’t followed you yet, but it looks like it is taking in a huge breath of air.


The sound is so loud it makes you stumble.

“What was that?” you think to yourself, trying to run as fast as you can. You can hear that he is now starting to run after you, the clicks of his talons hitting the floor let you know he is gaining on you. Not only that, but the scream it let out was so loud! It seems to have alerted a herd of these things and they are headed your way. You take a tight turn down a dark hallway and trip over a pile of pipes and boards. Since you tripped, now the creature is standing right in front of you. It is slowly leaning down, getting ready to attack. Its mouth is opening super wide, so it can see you and probably take a big bite out of you.

You point toward the gummy worms bucket and say, “two please.” The ticket guy grabs you your buckets.

“Thank you.” You say turning to go find coach Dale. He is playing a game of skee-ball. You wait for him to bowl his last ball and you leave together.

“That’s a lot of gummies.” He says to you.

“There is never enough.” You respond holding both buckets of gummy worms up, so he can see them better.

Coach drops you off at home and you run inside to go straight to your room yelling back down the stairs, “Hey mom, hey dad, be right down.” You stash the gummy worms away under your bed and go down to say goodnight to your parents. You tell them about the race and head up.

You pull the gummy worms out and start eating them as soon as the door is shut. Handful after handful you can hardly taste the difference of all the different colors. You almost eat a whole bucket and then you feel it. A pain in your belly.

“Oh no, I ate too many!” You think to yourself.

You look at the ground to see if there is anything you could use to defend yourself. Nothing, just… mud! You crouch down and scoop up a handful of sticky, wet mud.

“Here’s mud in your eye!” you yell as you whip the mud pie at his mask. SPLAT! A direct hit, right over and in both his eyes. The mud knocks Jason back a step and he drops to his knee to wipe his mask. This is the moment you take off toward the edge of the field. The moonlight is reflecting off a lake up ahead.

“Maybe there will be a boat or something?” You think to yourself while running faster than you have ever ran before. When you reach the edge of the water, to your amazement, there is a paddle boat docked just around the bend. Looking back you can see that Jason is standing straight and still, then his head turns and looks directly at you. He turns his body and starts walking quickly in your direction.

“I’m getting in that boat” You think and run over to jump into the boat. You grab the oars and push off the dock, but the boat is tied to the dock. You can see that Jason is getting closer. You head to the back of the boat and start trying to untie the rope. It is a very tight knot that you struggle with. Jason is on the dock now. You stare at the rope and pull at the loops. There is no way you will get it untied. You stand to jump out of the boat and swim for it. Jason swings his machete to hit you and misses completely, actually cutting the rope holding the boat.

“Holy Bajoley!” you yelp as you fall back into the boat and begin to float away. You sit up and see Jason standing still on the dock staring at you.

“What?! Are you afraid of the water?” You taunt him. Just then you hear an engine, a boat engine. You turn to see a boat heading your way with a giant spot light right on you. You turn around to see if Jason was still there, but he was gone.

It does not take long to gather up the toys and walk them back to your room. After you drop them in the toybox you decide to get yourself a water before bed. You walk to the kitchen, still wondering where your parents have gone to. The house is pretty quiet… You notice that there is a note on the refrigerator.

“Gone to the store, back before bed, Love you, Mom and Dad.” It reads. “Guess they lost track of time.” You think to yourself as you take a sip of your water.

“BOOM” A sound startles you from down the hall.

“Mom, Dad, you guys home?” You yell out. Hoping for a quick response from your parents, but no one responds. You take one step and the TV turns on by itself stopping you dead in your tracks.

“What the…” you say aloud, but before you can finish the sentence all the lights go out in the house except the TV.

“The breaker must have blown, but why is the TV still going?” you think. The glow from the TV is barely lighting up the living room. The rest of the house is pitch black, so that seems like the safest place to go for the moment. Just then, you remember that there is a flashlight in the drawer right in front of you. You fumble your hands around until you find the handle and pull the drawer out.

“YES!” You say as you pick up the flashlight, turning it on. The light is dim and narrow, you can’t see much better.

“The batteries must be low.” You think as you feel around for some batteries in the drawer, but find nothing.

“This will have to do.” You say to yourself.

“I don’t think I could move if I wanted to.” You thought. Another “SNAP” startles you, but you remain completely still. “It will go away.” You wish in your mind. Then a steady clicking sound starts and sounds like it is all around you.” clk clk clk clk clkclk…. clk clk.clk clk clk.” The air around you starts to feel different, sort of lighter than normal. Or you feel lighter, hard to tell. The clicking stops suddenly, and there is silence.

FOOM, a great beam of light comes down all around you. You feel even lighter in the beam and begin to float. You can’t move a muscle as you are lifted into the light. Slowly, you are pulled past what looks like a circular hatch. The hatch shuts behind you. The room is pitch black.

“I can’t believe this.” you think to yourself. You can’t move your mouth at all to try and yell for help, but you keep trying anyway. Then whatever force was holding you up let’s go and you come crashing to the floor. When you hit the floor, the lights come on to show the room is very small with one doorway and the door is open!

You stay perfectly still and hold your breath. The sound of large inhales reminds you of an animal sniffing out its prey. The thing is moving around the room slowly and then takes off. You can hear the footsteps fade in the distance.

“It’s gone” you think with a sigh of relief. You decide to go in the opposite direction of the creature. First looking down a large hallway.

“Oh no.” you whisper. There is another one of those things at the other end. It looks like a skinny dog sniffing around. You quick press your body against the wall, never letting the dog-like creature out of your sight. You take a few steps never letting go of the wall until you come to a doorway. You slip inside and shut the door behind you, Creeeaaak, click.

“How do I get out of here? I need to find a weapon to protect myself.” You think, scanning the room for another door or a sword or something. There are no doors out, except the one you came in, but there is a metal box on a table.

You can at least see the tv flickering in the living room, might as well get my bearings in there first. Walking into the room, you move the curtains back to see if it is storming out?

“Nope, no rain. It is not even windy at all.” You think to yourself. “wait... what?” There by the end of your yard next to the bushes you see a man standing there wearing a white mask and a jump-suit. You try to shine the flashlight on him to get a better look, but he is gone. Disappeared. Letting the curtain go you question what you just saw.

“Was that… Micheal Myers? Is that even possible? Must be someone pulling a prank on me.” Just then the TV goes off, startling you. Heading over to the tv to see if you can get it to come back on, you place the flashlight down.

SMACK! You hit the TV.

“Come on!” you shriek as you try to shake it back to life. Nothing works, and you give up. Reaching for the flashlight you realize it is shining into the kitchen, shining right onto the back door to go outside, and it is open.

“That wasn’t open a minute ago?” You question yourself. A little worried, you rush over, shut and lock the door. Just to be safe, you walk around and lock all the windows and doors. Once you feel safe, you head towards the basement to fix the lights. The door swings open and you shine your flashlight down the flight of stairs. You stop dead in your tracks. “Woah, woah, woah, who are you?” You yell at the man in the white mask who is now at the bottom of the steps in your basement! “Say something!”

The man starts walking up the stairs slowly without breaking eye contact with you. You turn to run the other direction, but he grabs you by the foot which takes you to the ground. You roll over.

“Is that mom’s favorite knife?”

“Well I am getting out of here.” You say aloud, running out the open door and turning to go down the hallway.

“oof” you are stopped by three tall, skinny, green skinned human looking creatures. None of them seem to care that you ran into them and are slowly moving forward forcing you back into the room.

You scamper back to the furthest corner and sit. These creatures are giants, at least 8 feet tall with long arms and legs. They are very skinny, but their heads are huge. The eyes are large black spheres and they don’t mouths.

“How do they eat or speak?” You think to yourself.

“We don’t have any need for eating and as far as speaking, well you can hear me, now can’t you?” A voice inside your head says. The voice came from them, but you couldn’t hear it, you could feel it in your head. Almost like you thought it.

“We want to know more about humans.” The voice says. You try to speak but your mouth won’t move.

“How am I supposed to answer them, if I can’t speak.” You think.

“Just think the answer.” The voice says from within your mind.

You stop and think, “please let me go.”

The creatures turn and leave the room. They shut the door behind them. The door is completely see-through. You press your face against it to try and see down the hallway. All you can see is a series of doors that seem to go on forever. Just then a small opening swings open and a plate, with what looks like green glue on it, is waiting for you.

“Eat.” A voice says in your head.

“NO!” You think, hoping they are listening.

The back wall begins to shift and slide into the floor. It is showing you a window and in the window, you can see Earth getting smaller and smaller. It looks like you’re going to be here awhile.

“It will never find me in the ceiling.” You think as you climb the shelf to get up there. You move a ceiling tile out the way and pull yourself up. As soon as you replace the tile, the creature comes running in. It looks around the room and sniffs the air, then runs back out and down the hall. There is a small vent that you think you can squeeze into. You wonder if this could be a better mode of travel to avoid the creatures. You pull the vent off and fit your way into the dark opening. There is a little light you can see in the distance. You crawl forward toward the light. Once you reach it, you notice it is coming through a long crack, like there is a room on the other side of these small metal double-doors. You turn yourself around and begin to kick at it.



The final kick sends you tumbling into a new room, wait… There are people everywhere and the sounds of an arcade fill your ears. You look back at the vent you came from and it is the back of an arcade machine. You can see all the wires and electric boards inside. You walk around to the front to see what game it is…

“1,000 aliens: How Long Can You Survive?”

You turn and run yelling out, “mom! dad!” as you fling open the door to the garage. You close the door behind you. The garage was empty, no cars. You stand there for a moment before the garage starts shaking. The howling wind is so loud you can’t hear yourself think. Crouching in the corner is your only defense. Rakes, shovels, and brooms are falling from the walls all around you. The garage door starts to lift up. It slams back before it rips out of the wall completely. You are quick to follow, being whisked into the air. You can’t tell which way is up. The sound of the wind is so loud you can’t hear yourself speak.

“This is kind of fun.” You think to yourself.

You decide to stick to your original plan and go for the Five Nights at Freddy’s plushy. You point at it, and the ticket guy grabs it from the shelf. He hands it to you and says, “Your father must be proud.”.

“I was dropped off actually.” You reply. The ticket guy looks at you confused.

“Ok? Here’s the picture.” He slides an envelope over to you. “The game takes a photo of everyone who wins.”

“Oh, I bet my face is priceless.” You think to yourself as you pull the photo out.

There you are, eyes wide with a big dopey grin on your face. You can see why the ticket guy thought you were with your dad. There was a taller guy who happened to be standing behind you. A really tall guy, wearing a suit. His face is all white with no features. No nose, no mouth, no eyes.

“Why is this guy wearing a mask?” You question stuffing the picture in your pocket and walking over to the machine that won you the tickets. You use your phone and snap a picture, so you can show your friends. You look at the picture to make sure the picture is in focus.

“What?” You look up from the picture, then back to it. The masked man is standing right there, but not when you look up. You snap another picture and this time he is closer to the door. You leave the building and snap a picture of the parking lot. Nothing. One of the sidewalk to the left. Nothing. One of the sidewalk to the right. There he is! He is about to go behind the building. You run over and take a picture down the alley. There he is, crossing over the street and into the woods.

Without hesitation, you start running away from that madman. Not in any real direction, just away. Glancing over your shoulder you can see the psycho is chasing after you, but only walking at a fast pace.

“I can get away from him, I can make it!” You say brushing branches out your path. The woods are thick enough that following anyone would be difficult. You glance over your shoulder again. This time the killer was gaining on you, but not running at all.

“Huh?” you utter as you trip over a root and fall face first into the dirt. Stunned, you gather yourself flipping over to look behind you and… Jason is there, and he doesn’t look he wants to chat.

It lunges toward you to take a bite, but you dodge it and grab a board from the pile. You swing it at the creature as it turns. The board splinters into pieces and the creature screams, but not as loudly this time. You can hear the herd getting closer.

“Why isn’t the creature attacking again?” You think to yourself.

You can see the creature struggling to stand, scraping at its face. The board has sent a splinter into its mouth not allowing it to see. Now is your chance. The herd is getting closer, it sounds like thousands of them. Grabbing a pole for protection you run down the hallway in the opposite direction.

“Have to hide, have to hide, have to hide.” You mumble to yourself. scanning the hallway for anywhere to hide. There is a door at the end of the hall. You kick it in and look around the room. The is a closet with a door that shuts, but the ceiling looks like you could get up there if you climb the shelf.

Do you have time?

You race over to the cabin and peek into the window. Pressing your hands around your face touching the glass to get a better look. There is a candle lit inside, but no one around again.

“Where is everyone?” You think to yourself.

Just then the shutter slams right next to your face. BLAM! The jolt knocks you back and you fall over a dead log. BLAM! Again, the sound sends a shock through your body. BLAM! This time the sound does not scare you.

“The wind” you think with a sigh of relief. You stand up and brush yourself off. Latching the shutter so it stops slamming against the cabin wall. When you look in the window you can see a reflection of a woman in the woods. You turn around and see her, but she is not facing you.

“Hello, ma’am, are you alright?” You ask.

The basement steps are steep and narrow and hard to go down with this feeble flashlight. You make it about halfway down and slip off the step sliding the rest of the way on your butt.

“Ouch!” You squeal holding your backside as you stand up. You pan the flashlight around the room trying to remember where the fuse box is located.

“There you are.” You reassure yourself. A few flipped switches and the power is back on. Heading back upstairs you decide to reward yourself with a chocolate milkshake. You sip your milkshake remembering the race.

“It has been a good day.” You say to yourself.

It takes you a moment to get your bearings. You quickly move to a far corner of the room. There seems to be only that one open door. There is no sound in this room and it feels very alone. Taking a deep breath, you begin to move towards the door. Closer… closer… closer… you look out the door and to the left. There is an alien guard standing right there he reaches for you. As you pull back to avoid his hand you touch the doorway and slide your hand down it. Activating the “door close” function. The door suddenly slides to close but is stopped by the arm of the guard.

“AAAAAARRRYGGH!” The alien-creature yells out. It pulls its arm back out of the room allowing the door to shut. The door is completely see through and you can tell the creature is hurt. It slowly looks up at you with a very angry expression on its face.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean…” You barely get the words out when.


You can see the alien spaceship getting smaller and smaller. “It shot me into space?!” You think, trying to catch some breath any breath.

“Ice cream it is!” Coach yells as he gets into his truck.

You climb in the passenger seat and think of which flavor of ice cream you are going to order.

“Cookies n’ cream, I deserve it.” You think to yourself while coach parks the truck.

Coach ends up paying and you eat your ice cream with a smile on your face. Looking out the window you can see the trailer of another rider who has come to get ice cream as well.

“Number 27. Isn’t that the guy I beat for first-place?” you think to yourself and look back to your own truck and trailer.

“What?” Someone is in your trailer! You jump up and run out the door dropping your ice cream on the way.

“Hey now.” Coach yells trying to contain the ice cream mess. Number 27 had noticed you and took off into the woods behind the ice cream shop. You chase after him. The woods are thick, and you can’t see him anymore, but you can hear his footsteps as he runs ahead of you. Suddenly, the sound stops. You take a few more steps before stopping to look around, but he is nowhere to be found.

“Hey! Come out you lousy loser!” you yell into the darkness. No one answers. You take a few more steps. The moon is full and lights up the forest creating long shadows cast by the trees. You have lost him, but can see a light in the distance.

You don’t have time to be looking through things, one of those creatures could come at you any moment now. You peek out into the hallway to make sure the creature is still at the end of the hall.

“Phew” he’s still there. You quick run across the hall to another room. This room is emptier than the last one. There is a wooden box in the center of the room with the top taken off. You walk over to see what’s inside, A ROCKET LAUNCHER!

“Ok, this could work” You think to yourself. You steady the launcher on your shoulder and step into the hallway. The creature is in between the crosshairs…


The creature is blown to smithereens, but so is the whole side of the building. Only fire and rubble remain. That direction is blocked. You turn around to run the other direction and see a herd of creatures spilling into the hallway. There’s no way out, and you only had the one rocket.

You run to the edge of the woods.

“What am I doing? Why would I want to chase the guy, ghost, whatever it is?” You ask yourself. You turn around to head back to the arcade, and bump into a tall, slender man wearing a suit with a faceless face. You take a step back, but his long arms reach out and grab you by the shoulders, lifting you off your feet. You try to scream, but are whipped into the woods so fast you can’t catch your breath.

“Where is this slender man taking me?” Is your final thought.

“That was one heck of a race!” Coach yells, “you could probably use a little rest and relaxation.”

He couldn’t have been more correct. You can’t wait to get home and play with your toys.

“Maybe I will watch some TV as well.” You decide.

Once you get home you get a quick shower, turn the TV on, switch it to your favorite channel and then sit down with a couple of your most loved toys. A couple G.I. Joes, a transformer that turns into a helicopter, and some Five Nights at Freddy’s action figures. It isn’t long before you have slithered your way up to the couch and left your toys on the floor. There is a new season of Larva that just came out, and you need to see it. Time flies by and before you know it, it is way past your bed time.

“Where is mom and dad?” You think, kind of relieved you are getting the time to see some extra episodes. After a while you start to wonder what is taking them so long. You swing off the couch and plant your feet on the ground.

“OUCH!” you yell as you realize you stepped on one of the G.I. Joes.

“Oh no, not my cobra commander!” You say as you pick up the pieces of your favorite Joe.

“I should have picked them up when I was done playing.” You think to yourself as you look at the toys laying all around the floor in front of the couch.

There is no time, so you go in the closet and shut the door right as the creature comes in the room. It seems to be sniffing the air. It finds your scent and comes toward the closet.

BAM! The creature slams into the door. It starts clawing at the wood. The door is not going to hold, and you have nowhere to go.

SNAP! The door flies off the hinges. The creature hunkers down to attack and lets out a scream.

ERRRYAAHHHHHH! It jumps at you.

You are scrambling around the house toward the basement. Knocking pretty much everything over on your way. Just then the front door flies open, and your mom and dad come running in with bags in their hands.

“To the basement!” Your dad yells at you. You listen and take off down the stairs. Your parents follow and you all huddle around a sturdy pole. The house starts to shake. Slowly at first, but it seems like an earthquake before long. You can’t hear yourself think. Then everything stops.

The sounds.

The shaking.

The storm is over. Your dad gets up first and walks up the stairs. He pushes open the door, but it won’t open the whole way. It is blocked by something. it is your roof. Your roof has fallen in and everything is gone.

“Woah,” You say without blinking.

“At least the storm is over.” Your mom says.

Seeing as there is nowhere to go, you run back inside the building and stop in a wide-open lobby. The creatures come out of all the doorways and stairwells. At least 50 of them. You start shooting.

Chk Chk...BOOM!

Chk Chk...BOOM!

They are just crawling over the ones you hit and keep coming. There’s too many of them.

Chk Chk...BOOM!

Chk Chk...

You turn around in hopes of finding your way back to the ice cream shop.

“Now which way did I come from?” you ask aloud. Deciding to follow the path that looks familiar.

“You better stay hiding!” You yell over your shoulder. You follow the path for a few moments before realizing nothing looks familiar. You turn around and start walking back to where you just were, hoping it helps you remember your way. Before long you realize you don’t know where you were and are now completely lost.

“ch, ch, ch… ca, ca, ca”

“What was that?” you think to yourself, turning toward the sound. There in the moonlight, you can see a person standing still. You yell out.

“Hey, I have gotten completely lost. Can you point me in the direction of Steve’s Ice Cream?” You’re trying to get the figure’s attention, but they do not seem to notice you. As you get closer you realize how big this person is and wonder why they are looking at the ground.

“ch, ch, ch… ca, ca, ca”

“There’s that sound again?” you think, “can you hear that noise?” you ask the person, who still has not moved an inch. Its head snaps up and you see that this person is wearing a hockey mask… and holding a machete.

“Oh crap” you stutter.